May 13

Cool Tool – Otter Transcriptions



Do you take notes on calls?

Or, want to have videos and audio transcribed?

I do, all the time.

If you’ve been around me for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a digital hoarder. I love little tools and hacks like this.

So being able to get a quick transcription when someone is sharing gold, well…

is gold 🙂

Checkout here

And of course, 

Here is the raw transcription straight from Otter.

cool tool 05132020 Otter Transcriptions final
Wed, 5/13 4:32PM • 3:21
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All right, good afternoon, everyone. I wanted to share you This is my cool tool of the week find and I don't know about you, but doing all these meetings and you know whether it's zoom meetings or listening to someone online, as well as part of the research that I do, we do a lot of telephone interviews with people and I like to get these transcribed I used to use rev Comm. But I've recently found this new service, this new online AI transcription that actually works pretty cool. But the best part of it is, it's live recording features. So if I'm doing a zoom call with someone and I want an actual live transcription while it's happening, or if I'm watching a YouTube video or you know, any sort of lesson content, things like that. You can just run this thing in the background and it does a really good job of transcribing. Here, check this out. All right, I've got this set up here. I am watching My friends stew's class on memberships. So I'm going to push is not

a mastery, there's no need there. I hope it's

more of a luxury item that is being sent to these women each and every month. But there are different types of luxury and convenience, subscriptions. Most are typically like the boxes, grips, like socks of the month or, you know, makeup of the month or things like that. But bottom line is that these are a particular reason why people would join, not because they're looking to master anything, not because they need anything, not because it's a community. They just want. They just want the stuff,

you know what I'm saying? So those are the five categories need.

mastery, community, entertainment, want luxury and convenience. Now, here's the thing. You too can also have a combination of these. So you could have a combination where you have some mastery components and some community component As you can see,

it does a pretty darn good job. And you can also see that I have

used this quite a bit over the last week.

So it's a really well done piece of software too, which is why I'm sharing it. Normally, I wouldn't share that. But if you look, it's really well laid out here. You can do folders groups, for all your different content I have. I'm doing all my course transcriptions in here. But what's cool too, is so like in the beginning, I had these recorded zoom meetings that I wanted to notes from, and I just uploaded those to the system drag and drop them in here. They were transcribed while I was continuing working, and then they came in I got an email that said they were all done. And I could go in and basically get the transcription for the entire conversation I had which is super Cool because then I can take notes and pull out the important parts of it. So yeah, hope it works for you, man. Cool stuff. Anyway, take care. I'll keep you posted on different tools that I use and hopefully this was helpful. Have a great afternoon.



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