Clarity & Overwhelm

By Russell Lundstrom     |      April 9, 2020    |     opinion

I begin each day with a list.

What I believe needs to get done today…

what I hope to get done today…

…and what rolls over from what I didn’t get done yesterday.

It is an impossible list.

Like inbox zero. It isn’t really going to happen.

But, the list helps me think about how I’m going to spend my time today.

I can prioritize what I’m going to work on – for the limited time I have available today.

Like most business owners, marketing isn’t at the top of my list – most days.

A typical day might leave an hour, maybe two, open for me to create and refine my marketing.

And, here, I repeat the process.

I make another list of all the marketing ideas and needs I want to accomplish, prioritize it, and hopefully get a chance to execute on it.

  • What new marketing do I need to create?
  • What do I need to learn in order to create it?
  • Who will help?
  • How will we get it done?

… and then, I have to review the efforts and results from what we did yesterday.

Do you get the feeling of overwhelm?

Like how in the hell are you supposed to accomplish anything?

No wonder we are not meeting the sales goals we set earlier this year.

At a fundamental level, I believe some of the greater value to come out of an effective marketing plan is clarity.

Clarity around how to best use what limited time and resources you have to accomplish your goals.

… and most importantly, what NOT to do.

This is a primary benefit that you will realize once you create your marketing plan.

The ability to say NO more often.

To shrink that damn list…

Now that you have your copy of The Marketing Plan Formula, I want you to understand just how powerful this tool can be for your business.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share with you some info, marketing ideas, and stories that will help you throughout your business – not just with your marketing.

Most of all, let’s stop with the overwhelm.

I will show you how to enjoy growth through marketing that is simple and makes sense.

Now, sit back, grab a coffee, and let’s get to work – simply…

Question (comment below):  On a scale of 1 (like mud) to 10 (I have marketing x-ray vision) how clear is your marketing?

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